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History of Astronomy

"Welcome to the first general History of Astronomy pages on the Web. These pages are maintained on behalf of Commission 41 (History of Astronomy) of the International Astronomical Union and the Working Group for the History of Astronomy in the Astronomische Gesellschaft."

This page originates in Germany and covers the history of astronomy through discoverers rather than discoveries. There is also a list of historical sites, museums, memorials and exhibits. There are also links to other sites with history.

The Starry Messenger

"The Starry Messenger is Phase I of the Electronic History of Astronomy developed in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science. "

Named after Galileo's Starry Messenger, this is a project in the works aimed to make the history of astronomy easily available on the internet.  A very useful resource on the history of astronomy.

Ancient Astronomy & Archeoastronomy

This site is about ancient astronomy and archeoastronomy, as it says above.  There are archived examples of lessons to give you a starting place for your own class development.  This site seems to be still in development.  Keep checking. 

Gene Smith's Brief History of Astronomy

History of astronomy (ancient) with links to more information about the people highlighted.

Science and the Human Prospect by Ronald C. Pine

This is an online book on the history of Astronomy.  Extensive.

History and Philosophy of Western Astronomy

"...covers the development of western astronomy and modern science. I focus on the rise of modern science in Europe, from the ancient Greeks to Isaac Newton."

By Nick Strobel who has quite a lot of astronomy lecture notes online.  

NASA History Office 

The history of everything NASA

Famous Astronomers

Alphabetical list of Famous and Important Astronomers through history

Chronological list of Famous and Important Astronomers through history

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