The Black Hole


Students and others are sure to run into some strange things on the internet and just in conversation.  Some of it is pure trash, some thought provoking, some down right scary.  Here is a partial list.  When you look at  these it will be obvious to any educated, thinking person that some of it is complete garbage.  Others are so well presented that you might just wonder - could it be?   These sites are presented here to give teachers a heads-up as to what is out there.  It is easy to get so deep into this stuff, and paranoid, that you won't believe rational explanations any more.  Some of the authors of these types of web pages (and books, articles, radio talk show, etc.) think everything is a cover- up or deliberate mis-information.  Some will just take a weird point of view to keep an argument going.  And then there are those who have figured out that there is big money in bazaar things. 

I always encourage keeping an open mind and be skeptical.  Also, be reasonable and really think things through. 

"The truth is out there" - X-Files  

But it sure is hard to sort it out.


Italics below are my comments.  

Here are a few of the crazy sites:

Mac Tonnies Visual Industries

Cydonian Imperitive

Coast to Coast

The Enterprise Mission

 another point of view on Hoagland (Enterprise Mission)

The Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society (again) 

A skeptical look at The Flat Earth Society

By the way, turns out that "The Flat Earth Society" is also the name of a band

The Flat-Out Truth (Give me a break!)

Here's a list of all kinds of weird stuff

The Black Vault Everything is a conspiracy!!!

>>>> And there are millions more! <<<<

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