Data and Image Sources


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  StarDial Raw images of the night sky.   No longer in operation, but archive images available.
Center for Near Earth Objects JPL center for Near Earth Object studies.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
SDSS Navigation Tool
Images and data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and educational lessons.
Aladin Sky Atlas Interactive image and data retrieval from a variety of sources. Image analysis features.
Deep Sky Browser NLA Easy to use interface for data, images, and sky map. Not available. Looking g for a similar site.
VizieR Simbad
Connection point for SIMBAD and VisieR
TDC List of astronomical data sources on the web.
Virtual Astronomy Observatory
The Virtual Astronomical Observatory (VAO) is a U.S.-funded effort to put efficient astronomical tools in the hands of U.S. astronomers, students, educators, and public outreach leaders.
MAST The Multimission Archive at STScI. Primarily focused on scientifically related data sets in the optical, ultraviolet, and near-infrared parts of the spectrum.
HYG Database Some easy to use astronomical databases that can be read by Excel
Fujii Bisie Observatory
Spectral traces of many stars. 450 to 750 nm. Unfortunately not available. Nice stellar spectra. Looking for something similar.
Project Lite
Search and display images and spectra plus more. Education.
AAVSO American Association of Variable Star Observers.  Data on variable stars. Has an educational component.
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey Digitized images from various sky surveys. If not working try
WEBDA Stellar cluster in the Milky Way and Megellenic Clouds
Deep Sky Database Object data base for type and location.
Sky View
Virtual Observatory on the Net generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to Gamma-Ray.
Part of SkyView. SkyMorph enables searches for variable, moving or transient objects from NEAT.
Digital Lunar Atlas Images of every part of the near side of the moon.

Planetary Photo Journal NASA's collection of planetary images.  Updated regularly.
Mars Exploration Rover Mission Processed and raw images from the Mars Exploration Rovers.
Mars Global Surveyor Martian surface images form the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Images for the Martian surface from the orbiter. High resolution.
MER Radiometrically Calibrated Imagery
Rover images calibrated for color correctness
Cassini - Huygens Mission (Saturn)
Images of Saturn and its moons from Cassini and the Huygens Titan Lander.
Solar Data Analysis Center Solar data from many sources.
Current Solar Data from NOAA

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

Solar Weather Browser
Solar browser software to retrieve current and past images of the sun
  Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
Scheduled to begin operation in 2013.  The goal is to make sky images available for the public
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