Astronomy Labs, Hands-on, Demos

Text in quotes and italics are direct from the sites.


Lab Sources On Line

Washington State University

Idaho State University

Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Sky Server

University of Michigan

Western Nebraska Community College

Northwestern University
        One lab specifically on galactic distance

Hofstra University
        Labs designed around the Starry Night Software

Celestia (software)
        Celestia Educational
        NASA Celestia based lessons


Software for labs

Follow these links for Planetarium software HERE and the comparison list HERE

Contemporary Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy (CLEA)


Hands-on activities

Hands-on Astrophysics from AAVSO
        Kit available for purchase

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

At Home Astronomy

Hands-On Universe
        Materials must be ordered

Harvard University

Astronomy In Your Hands
        There is a charge for materials

Astronomy  Demos [Note: "On line" means that the demo is computer based, "Off line" an actual physical demo]

Demos and Animations for Teaching Astronomy (ON LINE)

John Fix (and McGraw Hill) (ON LINE)
        These have exercises with them.

Johns Hopkins University (OFF LINE)
        For elementary school level

Astronomy Animations (ON LINE)

Digital Demo Room - Stellar Evolution (ON LINE)
        Creates movies of stellar evolution on the H-R diagram. Movies are downloadable.


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