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Sure, why not. Nice way to explore the moon. You can also view the moon with Google Earth

Virtual Moon Atlas

Moon simulation software for viewing moon features. Includes a measuring tool and other features.

Lunar Reconnassance Orbiter

Current Lunar orbiting mission

Moon Maps

 A selection of moon maps. Large images.

More Moon Maps- Printable

Nice selection of moon image maps

The Eclipse Page

This is the ultimate eclipse page by Fred Espenak at NASA.  Everything you want to know about eclipses - Solar or Lunar.

Earth and Moon Viewer

View the Earth from the Moon or Sun. View the Moon from the Earth. Moon/Earth related software (shareware) available here, too.  Interactive.

The Moon at Perigee and Apogee

A discussion of the moon and its inconsistencies due to distance from Earth.

The Nine Planets Moon page

The Moon page form the Nine Planets.

Inconsistant Moon

"Explore the Moon... discover its dramatic features and phenomena - often
beautiful, sometimes bizarre, always changing. Inconstant Moon will take
you on a new tour each night, with maps, photos, animations, selected
links and even music!"

Lunar Prospector

"Welcome to the Moon! - The Extended Mission
The NASA/Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA invites you and the world to participate in the day-to-day events surrounding the first NASA Moon mission in 25 years! "

NASA's Lunar Prospector page. Click here to go directly to the educator's page. This lists the educational resources for this site. There are lesson plans, video clips, images and science information along with much more.

Apollo Missions

Complete information on the Apollo missions.

National Space Science Data Center

Moon and exploration information and data.

On-line Moon Atlas

This is a pictorial atlas of the moon broken into parts.  This is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.  There is no educational component to this site, but is a great reference.  The unique thing about this site is that there are multiple pictures of the same areas at different sun angles, so you can see different features in detail depending on the shadows.  

Project CLEA

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