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Educational Software

Shareware and Freeware

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General Astronomy Planetarium/star chart



NASA Learning Technologies Some very useful software form NASA.

Soft Seek

This will take you to the Home & Education page.  Click on Science.  All kids of software: shareware, freeware, demos.

Educational Software Cooperative

"ESC (Educational Software Cooperative) is a non-profit corporation bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and users of educational software. "


The name says it. Lots of shareware can be found from this site.

Oak Repository The links to this page have changed and even Oakland's links have not been updated. (2/05)

A search site for educational software from Virtual Software Library.

John Madison - Convert

A very nice unit conversion program.

File Library

Everything! But, now missing...



Very well done listing with descriptions and screen shots.

"The programs portrayed on this page have in common the feature that:
1) They concern themes related to Astronomy; namely to amateur astronomical observation.
2) They are Freeware (free without restrictions) or Shareware (free on a "try before you buy" basis) without practical restrictions (they will not stop working) - the exceptions are marked. Still, I recall that, when applicable, the Shareware concept implies that, should you wish to use the programs on a permanent basis, you are obliged to compensate the authors.
3) They have quality. We tried to select the best; not to make an exhaustive list.

Image Processing Resources for Astronomy Teachers  

A nice list of links to image processing software, remote telescopes and astronomy image processing curriculum activities both free and not free. Apparently maintained by the Astronomy Education Committee of the American Association of Physics Teachers

CVC's Astronomy Freeware and Software

Science teacher Bill Drennon's list of shareware and software for astronomy

Dan's Astronomy Software

A list of astronomy related software: freeware, shareware,  and pay-ware.

Dave Ransom Software Home Pages

Some space related software is available here such as STS PLUS which will track the shuttle and satellites. Unfortunately David Ransom passed away in 2006. The software for STS Plus is available here

Astronomy shareware

"Specialized for the Planets/Sun/Moon/Jupiter moons observer. Its a software where you really can imagine how the planets "dances" around the sun." Also a program that demonstrates eclipses.

Silicon Spaceships

Software for planetary exploration and x-ray universe.

Software for Astronomy

Visual Planets

"Visual Planets 2.0 is a tour of the Sun and Nine Planets. The program includes information on the Sun, Planets, Satellites and the Spacecraft that have visited them. While visiting a planet, hyperlinks provide you with information regarding the planets moons, atmosphere, structure, rings, mythology, missions, statistics and a lot more. " UPDATE: Visual Planets is now part of Coeli Software.  Included as part of Stella 2000 Extended. See below.

Astronomy Dictionary

"The Windows Dictionary of Astronomy is a comprehensive computerized astronomical dictionary."  Also from Coeli.

Solar Weather Browser

Very nice little solar image retrieval and viewer


Click Here for  a table of comparisons for FREE planetarium and simulation software.

An Extensive Planetarium Software list from The Nine Planets

Planetarium Software list from AstroTips

Coeli Astronomy Software (Click Below) Extensive planetarium program, Stella 2000

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